Running the Distance Scholarship

Jared Blank started running in elementary school, and he has never stopped! Growing up dyslexic, running has been his safe space, his biggest challenge, and the arena in which he tests himself. In 2018, he completed the longest run of his life: The World Marathon Challenge (7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days). During this week long endeavor, Jared raised awareness and funds for the International Dyslexia Association.


Jared is pleased to announce that his Running the Distance Scholarship will now benefit the students of Park Academy. As you may know, Park Academy is the only school in Oregon with a specific focus on educating young people with dyslexia. Funds raised will ensure that students in those early elementary years have access to a life changing education. Studies show that addressing this learning challenge at a young age is essential for overall success.


Jared was fortunate to have a family that could help him through school with private tutors and other resources.  With 30% of Park Academy’s students on financial aid, we can make an impact on a young person’s life who otherwise would not have the ability to pay for the opportunity to alter the trajectory of their education.


Jared's goal is to raise $12,000, a half scholarship that will be applied to a deserving student at Park Academy. As a donor to the Running the Distance Scholarship, you will receive a quarterly update from the recipient. Currently, Park Academy has a challenge match in place with the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund and all gifts, less than $5,000 will be matched dollar for dollar, doubling your impact!


"Together we can raise awareness about Dyslexia and shift how our society understands people with dyslexia. I am committed to sharing my story in order to help those that are experiencing what I did as a student." Jared Blank


You can learn more about Jared's story by visiting his website, or stay in touch with him through his Instagram page.



Raised: $1,025   Goal: $12,000